With all the “fun” leading to the 2018 elections, I had enough of the political ads and misinformation, and wanted to delete my FB account (unfortunately, due to the work I do, I can’t… which annoys me, greatly). FB Purity literally saved my sanity with all of that.

With one of the F3ers, I replied to her post about how to actually get your friends posts onto your facebook feed, and hinted at a plugin that I use to control exactly what I see. This plugin, FB Purity, does stop about 98% of the FB ads you see, and gives you control of your feed page’s layout… including making sure recent posts are sorted properly, and that you do NOT have to keep setting it.

https://www.fbpurity.com/ is the website. I’ve been using FB Purity for about 3 years now and am pretty pleased with it. Facebook is making almost *no* money off of me.

For those that asked about mobile versions…

Please note that FB Purity will not run on mobile / tablet browsers on Iphone or Android, or the IPad / Ipad2 / Ipad3 / IOS etc as they are not compatible.

One other nice benefit with this… if someone un-friends you, you’ll be notified of that, as well (you can turn that feature off, if it’s not important to you).

Word to the wise: FB’s “police” algorithms do catch the FB Purity by link and by name if it’s in a post, so do not share it on FB, publicly or via messages. Cause they’ll have a conniption fit.

The other tip: Missing your friends or favorite liked page’s posts on your feed? In addition to being friends with or liking a page, you have to also *follow* them. This is the only REAL way you can see other people’s posts/updates on your own feed.

Take control of your own FB account.