Welcome to my personal / professional corner on the interwabs! Please excuse the ugliness of the site; I’m still trying to decide what type of design to use on here. Go figure… I’m a professional web developer by trade, and I can’t even decide on a freakin’ design for my own site. C’est la vie!

While y’all continue to wait for the dust to settle, please do explore the other pages on here. Since I’m a “Jack of all trades, Master of none” type person, you’ll notice that I have my hands in many pots. I’m not one that likes sitting idle (adjusting for all the COVID craziness has made the past few years a challenge for me), so you’ll see a light sampling of my capabilities and offerings.

It’s important to note that while I am open to accepting web development projects, I am in a position to be *very* picky about which projects I do accept. I am open to just about any sports site (except for any that center around high schools in Arkansas or anything involving the Arkansas Razorbacks, since I do have a non-compete promise with LRB Sports Media, Inc (a relationship which started in 2003 and continues today) and sites that require a bit of a unique vibe. It’s important to note that I am a full time (salaried, not independent contractor) Web Development for a very large non-profit, and that I am not looking to leave them except for a career within sports (sports media or web development for sports or eGaming).

As you will soon also discover, I’m rather passionate about photography, as well. My favorite things are centered around sports, however, I will also do weddings and other various gigs (sports team roster photos, corporate events, etc). Please check out my photography page.

I will also occasionally have some of my photographs available for purchase as canvas prints. Please check out the “My Store” link at the top.

Appreciate y’all stopping by!

— Doug “Bearly Doug” Hazard