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Adds the ability to “buttonize” a link. For an example of this, head to the main site and look at the red “Donate” button at the top of the site. For more help, look at the “BD Buttons” page under Tools.

Based on the Catholic Liturgical / Lectionary Calendar, this plugin presents with a colored background associated with that day, plus the day’s title, via a combination of the USCCB Liturgical Calendar, and’s Liturgical Calendar. One configurable option (time zone offset) and a simple shortcode is all that’s needed. Also includes alternative text for organizations within the following Dioceses: Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Omaha, Philadelphia

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This plugin brings Bill Huebsch’s famed “Question of the Week”, based on the Sunday readings from the Roman Catholic Lectionary, into a plugin. The Pastoral Center (TPC) retains full copywrite ownership of the questions; the Catholic Diocese of Richmond (CDR) has obtained permission from TPC to include these questions (and its translations) in this plugin.

Just a simple plugin to display quotes from various sources.

The *ultimate* recent posts plugin, combining the very best features of four other (popular) Recent Posts plugins. Yes, even the pro versions of those plugins. Toss in an incredibly easy to use shortcode builder (including custom post types) and you’ve got a powerhouse, all for free! Recent Posts ULTIMATE, indeed!

This is a pretty straight forward plugin, listing the Saint of the Day, with the optional associated Liturgical color for that day (which can be turned off, of course, via the “showcolors” toggle being set to “no”). What makes this plugin a bit unique is the fact that, aside from being a completely stand alone plugin, is that it’s also a “companion” plugin for the Liturgical Day of the Week (LDotW) plugin.